Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Father's Day, One Month Old, and Catch up

Well, get ready for lots of pics and videos on this one as I try to catch up.  They are not in chronological order, and the same video might be on here twice.  :)  It's amazing how Schuyler really has become our whole world even though he's not home yet.  He is done with his rounds of antibiotics, so no more IV.  They are slowly weaning him off of the oxygen, and as of yesterday he was only on 3 liters with 24 pressure.  His weight was going up pretty well until the weekend.  He lost quite a bit of weight on both Saturday and Sunday, and neither lost or gained yesterday.  As of yesterday he was back down to 2 lbs 12 oz.  He is still being feed through his feeding tube, but I have an appointment with the occupational therapist next week so we can begin the long process of teaching him to eat.  

He's been much more active lately, so I've been trying to be there more when he wakes up.  Greg and I both agree that he's starting to look like a real baby, and when we hold him, it actually feels like more than just blankets.  

He has been holding his neck up more and more, and the nurses have told me that they will lay him on his side, come back a few hours later, and he has rolled over to his back.  Yesterday, the nurse was very impressed that he started opening his mouth and sucking his tongue when it was time to start his feeding.  

Cuddling with daddy on Father's Day.  In case you can't see, his shirt says "The Walking Dad".  :)

 Schuyler loves to snuggle in daddy's neck.

"I can't help that I'm ridiculously good looking".  I love when he does the Zoolander Face.  

 First time in an outfit.  He actually fit pretty well in the preemie size.  They only had him in it for one day because he can't regulate his own body heat yet, so it was actually keeping the heat from his bed out instead of keeping him warm.  Still fun!

Awesome NICU nurses had these up on the 17th.  One month old!

Daddy singing on Father's day.

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